Vacation series: episode # 9: Chilli garlic spaghetti 🍝


Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Today we will be making something savoury! I tried this recipe as an experiment and I never expected it to be this tasty!

It was so delicious and it required the most basic flavouring agents. I am pretty sure you figured out what those are by the title, chilli and garlic!

I thought if I could use normal noodles instead of spaghetti but I understood why spaghetti was best. It is slightly yellow in colour, it is thicker and has the authentic pasta taste.

Whereas normal noodles lack all that and which is why their taste fits in Chinese cuisine.

If you want , you can use them too and make your own version. Let us get started with the recipe:

Ingredients required:

1 packet spaghetti( I am using the brand, ‘happy chef’ )

1 tsp soy sauce ( optional)

4 tbsp butter

8-9 cloves…

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