Ramp Fever


Wild Geranium in front of ramp

I had heard about ramps from Foodie friends. Allium tricoccum are woodland plants native to the USA and are becoming scarce and increasingly difficult to find. One spring day, 5-6 years ago, I was out shooting woodland wild flowers when I realized I was standing in a huge patch of ramps, or what I thought might be ramps….they looked a lot like the photo I pulled up on my phone…and they smelled of onions. I had to know what my friends were nattering on about.

Ramps appear in spring with the other woodland wildflowers. As the other wildflowers they appear before the trees leaf out. I had a very short trip up north a week ago. My husband had a short gig and I went along to plant some wildflower seeds in open spaces, shoot some spring wildflowers and, hopefully, pick some ramps. You…

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