Pallagram Pandemic Pandemonium

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Deep in the heart of the ancient and mysterious jungle tableland of Ajodha Hills and reserve forest at the easternmost part of the lowest step of the Chhotanagpur Plateau and the extended regions of the Eastern Ghats mountain range, very close to the Chamtaburu mountain peak, at a distance of a day’s walk from the nearest town of Bagmundi through a scary and dangerous forest trail, lay the secluded Tribal village of Pallagram in the Purulia district of the state of West Bengal in the Indian subcontinent.

The forest people of Pallagram, though occasionally visited the neighbouring villages, towns, and other places in the region, usually liked to remain secluded. Neither did they like outsiders to visit their village nor did they like to spend much time at any other place. To conduct trade and get certain essentials, which were impossible to be acquired or made in the village some…

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