On Jamaican bees, and their keepers

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“Oh Bees,” she says. “I send greetings to your Queen. I wish to be her friend, and to prepare a safe home for her, and for you who are her daughters, and to tell you the news every day. May you carry messages from the land of the living to all souls who dwell in the land of shadows. Please tell me now whether you accept my offer.”

– Margaret Atwood

Yesterday was World Bee Day, so this is a postscript. As far as the Caribbean is concerned, please read my Global Voices colleague Janine Mendes-Franco’s very informative article about the challenges our bees face, especially in Trinidad,here.

Beekeeping has been steadily catching on in Jamaica for some years now. Honey is a valuable product and an amazing food resource, of course, with proven anti-bacterial and sleep-inducing properties and all kinds of other health claims that may or…

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