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A Voice from Iran

“84th story”

First published: Mar.28.2019



The king of a small territory came across a huge conflict in the treasury. He had to come up with a plan or soon he would lose his power and wealth. He told his Minister: “I have a plan. Announce to the people that the government will buy their camels for 10 gold coins.”


The Minister said: “We don’t need camels. The price of a camel is 5 coins; why should we pay more? And we can’t risk what is left of the money.”


The king replied: “Just trust my idea and do it.”

The government announced the news and some people got very excited about the double profit and sold their camels to the government.


The following week king said: “Now announce that we buy camels for 30 gold coins.”

The Minister didn’t like the king’s idea but he couldn’t argue.


Many people…

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