Sizzling Hot Covid19 Vaccine


My post Covid19 pandemic started yesterday.  When me and my sister (being registered under our local government’s waiting list) were told that an available vaccine is available, we immediately drove up to the designated vaccination site.

Though it is sad to note that majority of my country’s populace still doubts the significance and efficacy of the vaccine, such popular yet imprudent viewpoint became advantageous on my part for getting the vaccine. 

If you’re reading this article and wonder why such meek and lowly event of getting my first jab seem such a big deal on my part, please understand that my poor unregimented country has very limited supply of the vaccine.  It is because my country at this late point in time only depends on the United Nation’s donations as well as the dole-outs sent to us by rich countries because they either have surplus of the vaccines or that…

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Antibodies against coronavirus variants weaken in 6-12 months: study

The findings by a Yokohama City University research team suggest that people who were infected in the early days of the pandemic, particularly those who had mild or no symptoms, still need to be vaccinated to reduce the risk of being infected by variants from Britain, South Africa, Brazil and India.

In the study, conducted on 250 people between the ages of 21 and 78, who tested positive for COVID-19 between February and April last year, 97 percent of those with mild or no symptoms had antibodies against the coronavirus six months after being infected. One year later, 96 percent of them still had antibodies to the disease.

Source: Antibodies against coronavirus variants weaken in 6-12 months: study

Pallagram Pandemic Pandemonium

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Deep in the heart of the ancient and mysterious jungle tableland of Ajodha Hills and reserve forest at the easternmost part of the lowest step of the Chhotanagpur Plateau and the extended regions of the Eastern Ghats mountain range, very close to the Chamtaburu mountain peak, at a distance of a day’s walk from the nearest town of Bagmundi through a scary and dangerous forest trail, lay the secluded Tribal village of Pallagram in the Purulia district of the state of West Bengal in the Indian subcontinent.

The forest people of Pallagram, though occasionally visited the neighbouring villages, towns, and other places in the region, usually liked to remain secluded. Neither did they like outsiders to visit their village nor did they like to spend much time at any other place. To conduct trade and get certain essentials, which were impossible to be acquired or made in the village some…

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He aprendido

Google translation of title and first paragraph: I have learned – Over time, I have learned to put together words and place accents, punctuation and signs in order to bring them to life, turn them into dreams and ideas and create worlds between reason and the senses; But the days have also taught me to draw joy and smiles on children’s faces, on the people I love and on the people who walk through the streets and parks.

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga

Santiago Galicia Rojon Serrallonga

Con el tiempo, he aprendido a armar palabras y colocar acentos, puntuación y signos con la finalidad de darles vida, convertirlas en sueños e ideas y crear mundos entre la razón y los sentidos; pero también los días me han enseñado a dibujar alegría y sonrisas en las caras infantiles, en la gente que amo y en las personas que transitan por las calles y los parques.

Al diluirse las horas, igual que la cera de las velas una noche interminable de tormenta, entendí que del cunero a la cama agónica existen unos cuantos años, determinado número de vueltas de las manecillas en la catátula de los relojes, y que de la misma forma en que se manifiesta la aurora, se expresa el ocaso.

Al inicio y al final es posible que aparezca una flor, un arreglo, un ramillete, y que luzca, lo mismo para la…

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Moon to turn red during Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse – (West Coast, BC, Alaska, Western Mexico)

From North America, the total phase of the eclipse, the time when the moon turns orange or red in color, can only be seen from the western U.S., British Columbia, Alaska and western Mexico.Source: Moon to turn red during Wednesday’s total lunar eclipse –

التنمر المجتمعى

Google translation: Community bullying – The phenomenon of bullying has become one of the most widespread phenomena in Arab and international societies in recent years and it expresses a form of violence, abuse and abuse that a person or group of people performs towards another person or group of people with the purpose of intimidating them, intimidation, imposing control, intimidating the other and threatening his security and psychological integrity .

حلم الدرويش

ظاهرة التنمر أصبحت من أكثر الظواهر المنتشرة فى المجتمعات العربية والعالمية فى السنوات الأخيرة وهى تعبر عن شكل من أشكال العنف والإيذاء والإساءة التى يقوم بها شخص أو جماعة من الأشخاص تجاه شخص آخر أو مجموعة أخرى من الأشخاص بغرض تخويفهم والترهيب وفرض السيطرة وترويع الآخر وتهديد أمنه وسلامه النفسى .

أنواع التنمر :

_ التنمر المباشر : يكون من خلال فعل مباشر لإيذاء الضحية مثل الدفع والضرب والركل والعض والصفع وغيرها من أشكال الإيذاء البدنى المتعمد .

_ التنمر الغير مباشر : يكون من خلال فعل غير مباشر لإيذاء الضحية مثل التهديد بعزل الشخص إجتماعيا ونشر الشائعات عنه وإنتقاد ما يخصه من ملبس أو دين أو عرق أو لون بشرة وكذلك تهديد من يسانده أو يدعمه .

وتنحصر أشكال التنمر فى ( التنمر اللفظى _ التنمر الجسدى _ التنمر العاطفى ) .

أوساط التنمر :

للأسف الشديد كل مكان يمكن أن يجتمع فيه جماعة من البشر يصلح أن يكون…

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Ramp Fever


Wild Geranium in front of ramp

I had heard about ramps from Foodie friends. Allium tricoccum are woodland plants native to the USA and are becoming scarce and increasingly difficult to find. One spring day, 5-6 years ago, I was out shooting woodland wild flowers when I realized I was standing in a huge patch of ramps, or what I thought might be ramps….they looked a lot like the photo I pulled up on my phone…and they smelled of onions. I had to know what my friends were nattering on about.

Ramps appear in spring with the other woodland wildflowers. As the other wildflowers they appear before the trees leaf out. I had a very short trip up north a week ago. My husband had a short gig and I went along to plant some wildflower seeds in open spaces, shoot some spring wildflowers and, hopefully, pick some ramps. You…

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Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States – (Me: Sad tale of forced sterilization in the US)

For each state for which information is available (see below), there is a short account of the number of victims (based on a variety of data sources), the known period during which sterilizations occurred, the temporal pattern of sterilizations and rate of sterilization, the passage of law(s), groups indentified in the law, the prescribed process of the law, precipitating factors and processes that led up a state’s sterilization program, the groups targeted and victimized, other restrictions placed on those identified in the law or with disabilities in general, major proponents of state eugenic sterilization, “feeder institutions” and institutions where sterilizations were performed, and opposition to sterilization. A short bibliography is also provided. Source: Eugenics: Compulsory Sterilization in 50 American States