Captured Shots #2 (With a Story!)

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The Cyclone Tauktae, pronounced as Tau’Te hit several states of India including Karnataka, Maharashtra, Gujarat & some parts of Rajasthan too. Even the place where I live (Udaipur, Rajasthan) was in the list of the places where it’ll be showing its effects in the form of heavy rainfall & gusty winds blowing. There was a red alert for our city, including 4 more cities.

As per the reports, it was going to hit the city at 01:00 PM night on 18th of May, 2021. There were winds blowing all the night with continuous rainfall. The sound of winds were so scary that we weren’t able to sleep the whole night. That left me in the thought that how the people of coastal areas survive these devastating cyclones every year.

I took some pictures just after the day it hit out city. These pictures were taken between 1 PM-3 PM. It…

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