These Twins Lived Together. In Covid, They Died Together. – The New York Times

Joefred and Ralfred Gregory moved through life as one.

They went to the same college. They studied the same thing. They wore matching clothes. They trimmed their beards the exact same way.

Identical twins, they were two handsome young men in northern India who above all else really loved each other. And when they both were struck by Covid-19 last month and hospitalized, it was like they shared one sick body.

Hours after Joefred died, Ralfred’s mother told him that his brother was still alive, to keep his spirits up.

But Ralfred sensed his brother was no more and said, from his hospital bed, “Mummy, you’re lying.”

The next day, on May 14, Ralfred died too.

ImageGregory Raymond Raphael and his wife, Soja Gregory, last week, grieving with their older son Nelfred Raphael Gregory at St Luke’s cemetery after the burial of their twin sons Joefred and Ralfred in Meerut, near New Delhi. 
Credit…via Gregory Raymond Raphael