Tegaru (The People of Tirgay)

Politically Poetic

 Over hundred days of burning fires 
 As though hell broke through my Tigray.
 Who is to blame? Has the government conspired?
 Is this an ethnic cleansing being downplayed?
 Surrender Mek’ele; there is no mercy!
 Do as I say and comply.
 If I can’t have you at will, I will by intimidation.
 You can’t escape; you will be crucified. 
 Don’t beg for empathy; I don’t give a damn!
 Your fearful, tearful eyes excite me.
 I want your body, and I want your land.
 Get on your knees and kiss my loins.
 Don’t scream, Mek’ele. My guns are louder.
 I fire them with ease and no regrets.
 My life depends on the gunpowder.
 I was prepared to oppress.

***This poem was inspired by the story from my dear friend, Biniam. He is from Tigray, Northern Ethiopia and has shared with me about the atrocities of the current war, where Ethiopian and Eritrean…

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