Pandemic Poems, First Wave: Olive Senior’s fragments of last summer

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Our first wave of COVID-19 in Jamaica was the summer of 2020. Almost a year later, we seem to be just creeping out of the second – and fearing a third.

The summer of 2020, at least for me, was a slow recognition – a dawning – that life wasn’t simple any more. It wasn’t a smooth run, despite the cliché of “flattening the curve” and other phrases that are losing their meaning now. We are moving on to other catch phrases, like “vaccine hesitancy.”

Our Poet Laureate Olive Senior’s collection is a reflection of our mood – or rather, our myriad moods – during that period as the first wave slowly gathered momentum way out at sea, and Black Lives Mattered. Then, that wave and everything it brought with it broke on the shore, and Merry Christmas seemed a tawdry dream.

In her introduction, Ms. Senior explains…

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