Just a walk


I really enjoy taking a walk. Been doing it since I wore frocks. Yesterday was no different from most days. Out on the main road, my usual way. For those of you who don't know about Tauktae. Well, she did come out in full swing to play. Rains and winds, so much of breeze. Approaching monsoons, a wonderful tease. A relief from the scorching summer heat. But though many of us thought it was a treat, it caused quite some destruction with people and trees praying for protection. In all honesty, we've endured much worse. Experts say the spread of covid will be adverse. All through the streets, there were trees fallen. Dying branches and leaves getting rotten. I witnessed some huge trees fall down right before my eyes. But at that moment I was at my window, blessed to be inside. Nature is just so gorgeous and beautiful. Sometimes…

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