Good People Doing Good Things — A Trio Of ‘Em

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Well, folks, it’s Wednesday morning again, time for more good people doing good things!

A bank with a heart – no joke!

Typically, if you pondered a business that was least likely to win an award for altruism, it might be the banking industry.  Banks and bankers are not known for giving or being compassionate.  There is at least one exception, though … Ulster Savings Bank (USB) in upstate New York’s Hudson Valley.  Ulster started doing business in 1871 and this spring is celebrating its 170th anniversary!  But to celebrate, they aren’t giving raises or huge bonuses to CEOs, they are giving back to the community!

The bank’s CEO and President Bill Calderara explained …

“As a mutual savings bank, we were created for the benefit of our customers and the community, we have no shareholders. That enables us to keep all profits local and reinvest into the community…

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