Childhood Memories

Exhortations With Shazzy

Can anyone imagine just how easy it is for us to lose our childhood memories, if we do not put enough effort into storing it. We live in a fast paced world and today may be 2021 tomorrow or five years later might not feel like much has happened since then. Storing images and creating memories is something we should always remind ourselves to do.

We live in the times where memories are created every single day. Snaps and selfies are captured beautifully. Social media also contributed with storing memories so that we retrieve them later.
Every single time we find ourselves capturing any activity for future evidence. With smart phones accessible, today’s kids are privileged to have their childhood captured. Mothers today hire professional photoshoots from as early as during pregnancy till when the child turns twenty one years of age. We also have kiddies instagrammers and they look…

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