Are You a Plant?


Some days, there’s nothing worth a few words, and other days are rich with content. Some seem full of grief and sadness, and others are funny and puzzling.

The alternative title for this post is: “What else that we think we know about our world is wrong?”

PIEZO proteins are responsible for the human sense of touch. Despite the importance of touch, these proteins were only identified about ten years ago. However, they are what enables skin contact to be converted into signals to the brain.

The news from Scripps Research Institute is that plants have these proteins as well, enabling them to sense the hardness of soil (and presumably objects like rock) around their roots and direct root growth. One protein in this class is concentrated in root tips, PZ01.(1)

So we’re not quite as different from plants as we thought.

We already have Simard’s research indicating that plants…

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