A ray of hope!

To those doing good work during the pandemic…

Beyond The Lines

Our life was going at a very fast pace. We didn’t even have time to sit and talk to our loved ones, because the competition was getting tougher every day!

Just at that moment out of nowhere came a virus that brought the whole of humanity to a stand still. Yes, I’m talking about none other than the novel coronavirus.

In the last one year we have seen and heard about people who are no more among us because of the novel coronavirus. Every day someone is losing their loved ones, father, mother, brother and sister. People who had the responsibility of a household.

Midst the grief, the ones that are left behind now have to think as to how they will manage themselves and their family.

Source – ndtv

“Like the Sun appearing from a thick blanket of dark clouds, N.G.O.s, Social Groups and Amity University have appeared as…

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