Two Classes of Workers or One Big Mess


An insurance article today raises the question of whether the current CDC guidance about masks creates two classes of workers in any business — the vaxed and the unvaxed. Those who have received the full treatment of a vaccine can operate rather normally; those who haven’t, can’t.

Retail stores are operating the same way, with functionally two classes of shoppers.

Unfortunately, as both employers and retailers bring people back to the worksite, both are relying on the “honor system”, that is, relying on consumers to tell the truth about vaccination status. Good luck with that.

It should be quite obvious by now that people lie. Americans, in particular, tend to be indifferent to the impact they have on other around them. It’s the “Ugly American” of the 1950s re-emergent.

Which brings us to the question that no one wants to discuss: What happens when someone lies about their vaccine status…

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