When you think of Fuzzy
Think of him as a pot of honey.

Enveloping you with moist kisses.
Who filled your lives with sweetness.

A member of your family.
To whom love came naturally.

Be at peace with these thoughts.
That he still loves you lots.

He's just moved a little away.
Because God called him today.

Those years that you spent with him.
With joy and love, a synonym.

He's so happy that you were the one there.
In those last moments to hold and care.

So honour Fuzzy by being happy.
Because that's how he'd like to see.

Each and every one of you.
This is what you, his family should do.

Smile and think of him fondly.
He'd want you to handle this strongly.

-RUELHA www.ruelha.com 
© Copyright Protected. All Rights Reserved.

I had written this poem for a friend when she lost her doggie. And I…

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