Vacation series: episode#6 : Making my very first order!


Hi everyone! Welcome to Little Chef’s Apron! Yesterday was a very exciting day for me.

My mom’s friend gave my very first order! I hadn’t planned that I would sell anything I bake but it seemed like a nice idea when I was preparing yesterday. I had to make 6 frosted chocolate cupcakes.

It was very fun and a new experience for me. My sister had also played a very creative role here. She made a very cute packaging for the cupcakes .

Here is a brief recipe of the cupcakes:

First, I added the curd, sugar, vanilla and oil to a bowl and whisked it well.

Then, I added baking powder and soda to the curd and mixed it. It became frothy and this would help to rise the cupcakes well.

Then I added flour and cocoa powder through a sieve and mixed it with he wet ingredients.


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