Three Rondavels

Great photos and good story…

Exhortations With Shazzy

It was a chilled saturday morning, birds softly singing, kids playing on the streets when my sister and her husband invited me for a mini adventure to see the beautiful Three Rondavels site in the nearby town.
Arising from a place of mental exhaustion and a low spirit, I knew I needed an uplift to last me through the day and though It was an unprepared trip – I still honoured the invitation.

The kiddies schools had gone for recess hence there wasn’t a concern for any baby sitting as the kids were herded to the nearest bus stop to my grandmother’s place in the villages.
We hopped into the car and hit the road to Three Rondavels.
It was sort of like a road trip considering all the stoppages we had which I’m yet to take you through in different posts. The place was a lil chip far –…

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