The Conqueror

Shayan's Sphere

Those who conquer ruthlessly lands,
Oh, those conquering never-ending aches and,
Gaining glorifying victories that momentary stay,
Will exist with detestation in the synonymous way
In which the funeral ashes commingle with sands.

Oh, those culpable for melancholy tears,
And those responsible for prolonged fears,
Enjoying engagements that rise like storms,
Will earn nothing but mutely last,
And exist with hatred in the synonymous form
In which the cremation ashes merge with dust.

But those who vanquish innumerable hearts
Keeping in mind no abominable thoughts and dirt;
Oh, those spreading the art of brotherhood,
And those conquerors who conquer through love,
Will last eternally in the synonymous mode
In which the sun and moon lasts perennial above.

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