30 Second Evictions

A Lawyer's Prayers

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Since the coronavirus pandemic, health concerns have moved eviction hearings online.  At least 43 states now allow virtual evictions; 7 states mandate that eviction proceedings take place online.

Unfortunately, online evictions often deprive tenants of their rights [1].

CDC policy bans residential evictions for non-payment of rent through June 2021.  Many landlords have though continued to file evictions.

The CDC eviction moratorium can only be raised as a defense at an eviction hearing.  The CDC eviction moratorium (enacted under the Public Health Service Act of 1944) has, itself, been struck down at least four different times [2].  And CDC policy does not apply when a lease has expired (a fact unscrupulous landlords exploit).

During virtual evictions on video platforms like Zoom, internet connection issues are common; multiple tenants may appear on screen at the same time; and participants are often muted.

Depending on…

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