India’s Covid crisis hits Covax vaccine-sharing scheme – BBC News

The international scheme to ensure equal access to Covid-19 vaccines is 140 million doses short because of India’s continuing Covid crisis.

The Serum Institute of India (SII), the largest single supplier to the Covax scheme, has made none of its planned shipments since exports were suspended in March.

Source: India’s Covid crisis hits Covax vaccine-sharing scheme – BBC News

Tokyo Olympics: more than 80% of Japanese oppose hosting Games – poll | Japan | The Guardian

More than 80% of Japanese oppose hosting the Olympics this year, a new poll published on Monday showed, with just under 10 weeks until the Tokyo Games.

The latest survey comes after Japan expanded a coronavirus state of emergency Friday as the nation battles a fourth wave of virus infections.

Source: Tokyo Olympics: more than 80% of Japanese oppose hosting Games – poll | Japan | The Guardian

Escaping to the country

Petchary's Blog

We had the opportunity for a short break, and it was wonderful. We got out of town.

The weather in western Jamaica changed every moment. There was a rushing in the trees as rain approached. The fan palms rattled and the traveller’s palms tilted (I need to write something about palm trees, soon). After a brisk shower of five or ten minutes, azure blue skies decorated with white clouds reappeared. Then, a distant rumble of thunder – just one. The next morning the skies were pale gold, and in the evening, clouds in fanciful shapes reared their heads. Negril is famous for its sunsets.

Here are a few photos from our little escape… Bright gardens, majestic trees, and a stretch of sand.

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The Baked BLOGGER!!

I truly believe, after thousands of conversations that I’ve had over the past many years and more, that just about every single person in the world already has the values they need to care about a changing climate. They just haven’t connected the dots. And that’s what we can do through our conversation with them.”

Imagine being able to invite some of the leading minds of the climate movement over for dinner. You could pick anyone from anywhere. Who would be sitting around your table?

It’s hard to narrow down when there are so many amazing people out there fighting for solutions. (This must have been how Nick Fury felt while he was assembling the Avengers, right?) But, for us, we would try to pick people who are taking on the climate crisis in totally different – but equally incredible – ways.

There is broad scientific consensus that human activities…

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Awareness to the people.


Photo by Samuel Silitonga on

Today’s topic on :- People + Humanity + Peaceful + Equality + Awareness+ Worldwide.

|| Humanity + Peace = Article By Amit Kumar [ ] |On Date 21 Dec , 15 Feb , 29 March, 12 April and UpdatedOn May 16 , 2021||

Awareness to the worldwide People.

All countries are not showing their actual data and All countries are hiding their actual data during this epidemic / and this is not applicable to any particular country. I smile whenever the health organization said /says it has been found in this country. But I suggest to you. If possible, please look at your statements and sentences in the last six months. Then Think about what you said. There are too many expectations in the direction of help and if possible do not do it under pressure statement. I only stand…

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Making Vaccines Fun Again


I can remember when the polio vaccine was converted from a shot to a sugar cube. The cube was better, even though standing in line wasn’t much fun.

Now we have a new, creative twist from Romania, of all places. According to the AP this morning, the government is using the location of Bran Castle, the reputed inspiration for the book, Dracula, as a vaccination site. The site is known as Dracula’s Castle.

Those brave enough to get a Pfizer vaccine shot receive a “vaccination diploma,” which is aptly illustrated with a fanged medical worker brandishing a syringe.

Why not?

If LA teamed with Mickey Mouse, could we get a 90% vaccination rate?

Source: Associated Press

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The Final Combat Mission – 15 August 1945

Pacific Paratrooper

Captain Jerry Yellin flew the last combat mission of WWII on the morning of August 15, 1945, out of Iwo Jima.

Cruising above the Pacific under the morning sun, the Americans had approached the Japanese coastline without incident. Jerry wondered how many more missions like this he would have to fly. They’d all thought the war was over, but now, here he was again, heading to strike a stubbornly resistant enemy.

But down below, in the nation they were about to attack, a philosophical battle was raging on whether to surrender or fight on. The “Big Six”—the six military officers running Japan—had been split by a vote of 3-3 on when and how to end the war with honor. In general, hard, passionate divisions of opinion existed among the Japanese military: some of the older officers wanted to surrender to prevent the destruction of Japan, while others wanted to fight…

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Lifeline to Lifeless…

That's what she said by Palak

To many people, it may appear to be a mode of transportation, but only a true Mumbaikar knows what it’s like to travel in a Local train. Yes, it is the lifeline of Mumbai- a model based on diversity and plenty of human emotions.

A Local Train approaching the station

The city once known as Bombay, now Mumbai, is known by many names like, ‘the city of dreams’ or ‘the city that never sleeps.’ It is described as a city brimming with passion and opportunities, its willingness to walk that extra mile, and its fast-paced way of life – it is said that Mumbai never stops!

This pace of life can be found nowhere else in the country, a pace that is often suffocating for some and a blessing for others. This pace is amplified by the local trains of Mumbai. These trains are evidence of the city’s strength, which…

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Our Mother Weeps


Photo credited to Norma Bobb-Semple

Have we asked of ourselves: Who am I? Why am I here? Do I believe my divine purpose is to appropriate instead of create? Asking reveals who we are and offers us an opportunity to choose between being humane or inhumane. All creatures whether on sea or land are entitled to live their lives free of domination. Our mother, Earth, is heart broken and crying out to us to stop the plunder and rape and heal this planet instead of being agents of destruction and domination.

© Norma Bobb-Semple 2021

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The Conqueror

Shayan's Sphere

Those who conquer ruthlessly lands,
Oh, those conquering never-ending aches and,
Gaining glorifying victories that momentary stay,
Will exist with detestation in the synonymous way
In which the funeral ashes commingle with sands.

Oh, those culpable for melancholy tears,
And those responsible for prolonged fears,
Enjoying engagements that rise like storms,
Will earn nothing but mutely last,
And exist with hatred in the synonymous form
In which the cremation ashes merge with dust.

But those who vanquish innumerable hearts
Keeping in mind no abominable thoughts and dirt;
Oh, those spreading the art of brotherhood,
And those conquerors who conquer through love,
Will last eternally in the synonymous mode
In which the sun and moon lasts perennial above.

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