Working Age Deaths Increasing in the US

We need to look at how were are living/dying.


Like it or not, the US is becoming a rather ugly place to be. The latest statistic concerns increase in the mortality rate among adults in the 25 to 44 age group. When I first built life expectancy tables, the death rate in this group was minuscule, except in times of war. Now it’s increasing.

Three interrelated issues are driving the increase in deaths in this age group:

  1. Alcohol and drug abuse.
  2. Suicide.
  3. Cardiometabolic disease, attributed largely to a combination of obesity and stress due to economic insecurity.

Let’s face it, at least superficially, drinking or eating oneself to death are forms of suicide. Suicide itself is driven by deep unhappiness, often with multiple causes.

We don’t typically associate a happy, prosperous society with a growing suicide rate. Ergo, we don’t have one.

That leaves several questions for you, dear reader:

  1. Do you know what you kids or grandkids are…

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