Multi Lingual

Love and kindness – yesss.


Me being a multi – lingual with five Indian languages besides English,

Of course fluently but no perfection LOLz 😉 some times I do speak mixed words together from similar languages and would realize only when the opposite person tunes back asking me what did you say?? ha! ha! In another case, my team especially used to request me to stop killing their language when I start conversing in their regional languages but I would never and there starts the fun 😂😂 and there’s what I learn better with fun.

Apart from that, here I am to convey the best ever language that every body or any body can speak and understand. You can best name the language after watching this video of humanity. I named this as common language of all living beings as –

“Love & kindness”

Language must not be the barrier of music. Below video is…

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