Eagle Brewing owner apologizes over ‘unacceptable’ comments | RNZ News (Me: in New Zealand – he cannot apologize his way out of being evil, racist and stupid)

Eagle Brewing owner David Gaughan’s comments have been strongly condemned by those in the craft beer industry as racist and deplorable.

Gaughan has since apologised and said he was considering resigning from the Kaiapoi-based brewery and wanted to unlearn racial bias and better understand Māori culture.

Operations manager at Auckland’s Lumsden Freehouse, Lucy Campbell, said Gaughan’s comments were “horrific” and the bar won’t be pouring Eagle Brewing’s beers again.

“We don’t pour beer from racists or bigots and that’s the end of the story really.”

Matt White owns Beer Jerk, which runs an online craft beer shop and a small bar in Auckland’s Eden Terrace.

“All of us people in the beer industry know each other. It’s a really small community. So, some screengrabs of David’s comments were shared in some private WhatsApp groups yesterday evening.”

He said they won’t be placing any more orders with Eagle Brewing on the back of the comments.

“We were just completely flabbergasted. And it’s actually it’s an almost visceral, physical feeling of just how sickened we are that somebody can have these feelings and these opinions and especially in craft beer. So the area that we work in is so accepting and inclusive.”

Source: Eagle Brewing owner apologises over ‘unacceptable’ comments | RNZ News