Dodged a nuke


Congratulations 🎉 if you are reading this article, you are alive. “I’m not sure about me, though.”. Get ready to witness a man saving the world. This is not about a Marvel movie, but a true incident from the cold war.

Talking about superheroes without me?

“Traditionally not cool”

Here is some background for readers interested in politics: Our story dates back to 1962, from the times of the cold war. Cuba asked Soviet Union for support against the US. Soviet leader, Nikita Khrushchev agreed to place missiles on the Cuba islands against America. When American spy planes discovered the Soviet missiles in Cuba, President Kennedy ordered blockage of Cuba by the US navy. 

American forces spotted an enemy Soviet submarine hiding in the Caribbean waters. This submarine was on a super-secret spy mission. The submarine carried nuclear weapons, enough to start a nuclear war between the two superpowers…

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