Alphabet soup for the soul – “T”

Words from Walden

T is for Transformation

Self-transformation is not just about changing yourself. It means shifting yourself to a completely new dimension of experience and perception.

– Sadhguru-

An tiny egg turns into larva which then turns into a caterpillar, before finally, transforming into a beautiful butterfly, so too a human being can transform from ugly to beautiful.

The butterfly is a perfect metaphor for the ego. We can transform our ego from the ugly caterpillar that is leeching onto its existence, scared by what it see’s and continuously squirming to and fro in an effort to get ahead, yet barley making any progress.

We can transform that slow repetitive, predictable and agonizing route into a multi-dimensional and multi-directional, stunningly majestic butterfly.

Once the metamorphosis is completed in the fourth stage, abutterfly breaks out of the chrysalis and upon its own strength it emerges to explore new opportunities.

Opportunities that were previously…

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Trellis swathed in tulle
Draped with mauve and russet hues
Ring-a-ring of wild blossoms
In winds that spill prose
Auburn flushed tangled trees gleam
Paths mapped by pirouetting wings

Exploding to song
On a chrome mist of thyme scents
Cascading landscapes' prism
Lacquered in aurum
A finger painted sky lore
Where autumn bonfires smoke.

# Choka

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Il tuo cuore lo porto con me


Il tuo cuore lo porto con me
Lo porto nel mio
Non me ne divido mai.
Dove vado io, vieni anche tu, mia amata;
qualsiasi cosa sia fatta da me,
la fai anche tu, mia cara.
Non temo il fato
perché il mio fato sei tu, mia dolce.
Non voglio il mondo, perché il mio,
il più bello, il più vero sei tu.
Questo è il nostro segreto profondo
radice di tutte le radici
germoglio di tutti i germogli
e cielo dei cieli
di un albero chiamato vita,
che cresce più alto
di quanto l’anima spera,
e la mente nasconde.,
Questa è la meraviglia che le stelle separa.
Il tuo cuore lo porto con me,
lo porto nel mio.

Edward Estlin Cummings

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(nu doar) Miracole

Pisa, 2017 Throughout Italy, each city has a sloping tower. The fame of the one in Pisa is due to the marble lacework and the spectacular degree of balance. Do you know what the favorite pastime of the Pisans is? to make “Hy Five” to the tourists who pose with outstretched hand, as if to support the tower not to fall. I wonder how he reacts when he finds himself slapped on the hand by an Italian while his friends burst out laughing around.

ore de drum

Pisa, 2017

În toată Italia, fiecare oraș are câte un turn înclinat. Celebritatea celui din Pisa este datorată dantelăriei de marmură și gradului spectaculos de echilibru. Știi care e distracția preferată a pisanilor ? să facă ,,Hy Five’’ turiștilor care pozează cu mâna întinsă, ca și când ar susține turnul să nu cadă. Mă întreb cum reacționează când se pomenesc plesniți peste mână de un italian în timp ce amicii lui se prăpădesc de râs în jur.


Am fost la Pisa în momente diferite, în anotimpuri diferite. De fiecare dată am descoperit ceva nou. Îmi place că totul se petrece pe stradă: artă, mâncare, filosofie, politică, antropologie, câte și mai câte. Citesc pe străzi, pe pereții clădirilor, poeme din ciclul de poezie urbană. Mă amuză elogiul vinului roșu. Îl voi aprofunda la cină.


În piața dei Miracoli zăbovesc îndelung între cele patru celebrissime edificii, pe covorul verde al peluzei. Turnul de…

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🇬🇧 Crocodile Rock🎵 — 音楽好き仲間

1972, crocodile rock-Elton Jhon🎵, 73 ,album *don’t shoot me I’m only the Piano player* released as a leading single, the song has a song title,🎵hey lawdy mama,🎵 rock around the clock, Elton himself doesn’t seem to like this song, but, the song has unique lyrics and is fun🎵 when your feet just can’t keep still, […]

🇬🇧 Crocodile Rock🎵 — 音楽好き仲間

Priest Pundit Moulvi

Delightful tale – thanks to the author!

Weekend Stories by Trishikh

Much before the rooster crowed at the crack of daylight and sometimes even before the sun peeped from the horizon to say good morning, three very distinctive loudspeakers blared to wake up the sleepy resident of the green and pristine village of Dhormosthol in the southern fringes of India’s most cosmopolitan and diverse Kolkata city.

Dhormosthol was not that different from any other Indian village in this part of the country. Large agricultural tracts dotted with mud or unplastered bare brick houses of thatched or corrugated sheet roofs, along with little groves and glimmering water bodies scattered here and there, crisscrossed with mostly dirt trails, redbrick paths, and some asphalt roads painted this topography.

The village was, however, unique in one very special way. Its three hundred families were equally divided in numbers as Christians, Hindus, and Muslims. For many years, this was however never a point of conflict till…

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WWII Canine Heroes

Pacific Paratrooper

Search and Rescue dogs

U.S. Army launches Canine Units

On March 13, 1942, the Quartermaster Corps (QMC) of the United States Army begins training dogs for the newly established War Dog Program, or “K-9 Corps.”

Well over a million dogs served on both sides during WWI, carrying messages along the complex network of trenches and providing some measure of psychological comfort to the soldiers. The most famous dog to emerge from the war was Rin Tin Tin, an abandoned puppy of German war dogs found in France in 1918.

When the country entered WWII in December 1941, the American Kennel Association and a group called Dogs for Defense began a movement to mobilize dog owners to donate healthy and capable animals to the Quartermaster Corps of the U.S. Army. Training began in March 1942, and that fall the QMC was given the task of training dogs for the U.S. Navy…

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William Shakespeare — comigo!

” Os amigos que tens por verdadeiros, agarra-os a tu’alma em fios de aço; mas não procures distração ou festa com qualquer camarada sem critério”. William Shakespeare. Hamlet. Leandro Karnal. O dilema do porco- espinho: como combater a solidão. 2ed. São Paulo. Planeta do Brasil, 2019 Marii Freire Pereira VEM comigo! Imagem: Santarém, […]

William Shakespeare — comigo!