Recipe : Baingan Ka Bharta

Love egg plant dishes! Yum!


This is one of those dishes that requires a lot of time and patience. Mehnatwaali dish hain! There are a few steps that take a long time. But, you just cannot rush a bharta. It will turn out horribly wrong. This is the second time I am making an aubergine bharta and the first time was just so wrong and my efforts were all in vain because I was too scared to smoke the vegetables completely. This time around, I prepared this dish lovingly, and I myself was so elated with the results. You want the recipe, eh? Sure, I’ll share!

I had 500gms medium sized aubergines.

Yeah, this is the time consuming part. Smoke each one evenly on your burner. It’ll take some time. I recommend using a pair of tongs. It gets extremely hot. We want the skin cracking and charred.

Once it is cool enough to…

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