Money or Wealth?|پول یا ثروت؟

A Voice from Iran

“190th stories”

A very rich man sold all his possess and bought Gold bullion Bars.

He hid all the Gold bullion Bars in a very deep hole in the ground somewhere in his back yard.

For years he checked the Gold bullion Bars, and counted them over and over again.

One of his neighbours got suspicious and one day when the rich man wasn’t home, the neighbour dug the same spot, and found the Gold bullion Bars. The neighbour took them all without leaving a trace.

The next day when the rich guy went to count his Gold bullion Bars, as his everyday habit; saw the hole empty.

He started crying and screaming. The same neighbour showed up looking surprised and asked for the reason. The rich man told the neighbour how he put all his life savings in this hole, and now it’s all gone.

The neighbour said: “Put…

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