To Vaccinate Younger Teens, States and Cities Look to Schools, Camps, Even Beaches – The New York Times

A recent survey by the Kaiser Family Foundation’s Vaccine Monitor found that many parents — even some who eagerly got their own Covid shots — are reluctant to vaccinate pubescent children. Yet doing so will be critical for further reducing transmission of the virus, smoothly reopening middle and high schools and regaining some sense of national normalcy.

Vaccination for the age group is expected to begin across the country later this week. Sites are anticipating an initial surge in demand before an inevitable softening, much as happened with adults.

States, counties and school districts around the country are trying to figure out the most reassuring and expedient ways to reach younger adolescents as well as their parents, whose consent is usually required by state law. They are making plans to offer vaccines not only in schools, but also at pediatricians’ offices, day camps, parks and even beaches.