So how are you today? 


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So how are you today? 
What’s on your mind? 
Are you lazy or a little bit crazy
At your boss or your neighbour
Pass the ball, it’s just a small favour
Do you feel up
Or down
Or you think you’re a clown
Do you have the blues
Or Carnegie’s shoes
It never hurts to blurt it out
Talk to me
I’m here to listen
Tell me all about your day
If it’s been tough
We’ll find a way
We’ll scale the mountains
And sail the sea
We’ll tag along
The bumble bee
We’ll fight the darkness
That resides in
Many a countless
Human beings
Speak out, shout loud
Tell me how you feel right now
I’m here to listen,
A friend, a fam
Maybe I’m your
Latest fan. 

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All Rights reserved.

Thank you for taking out time to read. I’m Namrata if you’re visiting me…

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