Let’s talk about smells.

Reminds me of a certain smell that reminds me of a walk in a park in Singapore…

Read. Love. Live

Rate on a scale from one to ten, how weird I am; being the person who loves the “smell” inside the freezers. The icy cold smell. I am crazy about it. Literally crazy!

I would keep my head inside the freezer of my refrigerator, inhale as much as I can.. taste every air inside it. Now, don’t come up with the health effects of doing so (if there’s any!) Because I am head over heels in love with that smell. I just can’t get over it, no matter how old I am!

This is partially the reason why I eat ice. Yeah I do that as well.

Petrol pumps (gas stations) are like my second home. The love for the smell of petrol doesn’t really run in my family. On the contrary, all of them are repulsive towards it, Except for me. The moment I enter the station, I…

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