A magic to get perfect vision


This is my story to achieve a perfect vision. From -7.5 myopia to the best possible eye sight.

Now, this already looks like a sci-fi article. A futuristic machine coming over you, throwing laser into the eyes. The doctor sliding his forceps over the cornea and bam!!!! everything is clearly visible. The process is called LASIK(They did some variant of LASIK on me, to be precise contoura-vision)

Here is a short description of my experience:-
However cool it might sound, the process is not so “lite”. You could see everything happening in front of your eyes(literally). Over that, you are totally conscious while the doctor does his surgery. Scary? Yes, it is. 
After the surgery, you realize that your vision is still blurry. Here comes the magical sleep- The sleep after surgery. When you wake up from this sleep, things are 80% normal. It takes nearly 1 week to completely…

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