And it is still not over…


While the world is trembling under the trauma of the pandemic, an exodus of migrant labourers is taking place and thousands are marching back ‘home’. It may not be a prosperous abode for them, but definitely a temple of peace. 

For most, ‘staying home’ is a monotonous affair, but for some, ‘home’ is a thousand mile walk… 

A soft zephyr ruffled his unkempt hair,
As he kept walking on without a care.
The miles were long, the roads treacherous,
Yet what he ran away from was far more dangerous!

Fighting back his tears, wiping his sweat;
He longed to be back in his tiny hamlet.
Been months since he had seen his little boy
The apple of his eye, the reason for his joy.

He had gone to the alien land in search of bread,
Maybe a shirt too and a roof over his head.
But the concrete jungle surely…

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