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The Serenade

Mother, what sweet song wakes me up?
Midnight! It is the hour when one sleeps.
Who can come so late for me
To watch and sing away?

Sleep, my child, sleep! it is a dream.
In silence the night ends,
My forehead rests beside yours,
I kiss it and hear nothing.
No one gives a serenade
To you, my poor sick child!

O mother! they come down from heaven,
These sounds, these harmonious songs;
No man’s voice is so beautiful,
And it is an angel who calls me!
The sun shines, it dazzles me…
Farewell, my mother, good night!

The next day, when the dawn came,
The child had white skin and was still sleeping;
Her mother called her, crying,
No kiss awakens the child…
Her soul had flown away
When the songs had called her.

Sophie d’Arbouville née Sophie Lecat de Bazancourt (1810 – 1850) in Poésies et nouvelles (1840), Atramenta, 2011, is a French poetess, salonnière, novelist, writer. 

Source: An angel calls me – News from Ibonoco