And it is still not over…


While the world is trembling under the trauma of the pandemic, an exodus of migrant labourers is taking place and thousands are marching back ‘home’. It may not be a prosperous abode for them, but definitely a temple of peace. 

For most, ‘staying home’ is a monotonous affair, but for some, ‘home’ is a thousand mile walk… 

A soft zephyr ruffled his unkempt hair,
As he kept walking on without a care.
The miles were long, the roads treacherous,
Yet what he ran away from was far more dangerous!

Fighting back his tears, wiping his sweat;
He longed to be back in his tiny hamlet.
Been months since he had seen his little boy
The apple of his eye, the reason for his joy.

He had gone to the alien land in search of bread,
Maybe a shirt too and a roof over his head.
But the concrete jungle surely…

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Invitation” by Mary Oliver | Discovery

A Writer's Deli

Came across this poem by Mary Oliver, wanted to share it with you guys to brighten your day. Couldn’t be a more apt poem to cheer up during the present state of affairs in the country. Happy reading. 🙂

Oh do you have time
to linger
for just a little while
out of your busy

and very important day
for the goldfinches
that have gathered
in a field of thistles

for a musical battle,
to see who can sing
the highest note,
or the lowest,

or the most expressive of mirth,
or the most tender?
Their strong, blunt beaks
drink the air

as they strive
not for your sake
and not for mine

and not for the sake of winning
but for sheer delight and gratitude –
believe us, they say,
it is a serious thing

just to be alive
on this fresh morning
in the broken world.

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Camp Stoneman part 1 — Pacific Paratrooper

POE/POD Camp Stoneman Pvt. Smith was as cocky and proud as the next trooper, but he also thought of the Army as a learning experience and considered his new adventure as a chance to experience things he would not otherwise have the opportunity and on April 23, 1944, he stepped off a train near Camp […]

Camp Stoneman part 1 — Pacific Paratrooper

Why does India need its Anthony Fauci?

“So yes, India is in dire need of a dynamic and experienced health activist and virologist with prior work experience with the government…” (Me: If found, hope that Modi supports her or him.)

Beyond The Lines

As of 10th May, 2021 India recorded 366,000 new cases and 3745 deaths. It is slightly better than that of 6th May, 2021 when more than 400,000 new cases were appearing in a day but the situation is still grim.

India needs an experienced virologist who has worked with the government in the past as the head of “COVID India Task Force”. The current members have obviously failed in their duties which is self-evident from soaring cases and deaths. Shortage of oxygen supply, hospital beds and delayed vaccination.

Who is Anthony Fauci?

Anthony Stephen Fauci born on December 24, 1940 is an American physician-scientist and immunologist who serves as the director of the U.S. National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID) and the chief medical advisor to the president.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Anthony Fauci was one of the lead members of President Donald Trump’s White House Coronavirus Task…

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Grazie !

Summer in Lombardy has a moderate, balanced, calm, soothing exuberance.

ore de drum

Sanctuarul Madonna delle Grazie, 2019

Seară de iulie la asfințit.


Vara în Lombardia are o exuberanță moderată, echilibrată, calmă, liniștitoare.


Cătunul unde se află acest sanctuar se cheamă chiar Grazie,


în numele oamenilor care s-au întors aici din recunoștință pentru miracolele înfăptuite.


Împrejurimile sunt foarte pitorești, pentru că este o zonă agricolă protejată.


Coloane și portice în mijlocul unei piețe spațioase.


În parcare se opresc pe rând mașini din care observ oameni care coboară, mulți având câte un beteșug.


Măsor speranțele care i-au adus până aici.


Simt, încă de afară, vibrația încrederii.


În interior, culori vii, statuete încremenite în mișcare, credință în minuni.


Sanctuarul datează din anii 1650,


când facea parte dintr-o mănăstire franciscană.


Biserica e formată dintr-o singură navă, dreptunghiulară.


Personajele expresive instalate la înălțime sunt sculpate cu maiestrie în lemn.


Scenele din viața Mântuitorului și ale Maicii Domnului par scenete


dintr-o reprezentație teatrală barocă,


nimic nu-ți spune că…

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An angel calls me – News from Ibonoco

The Serenade

Mother, what sweet song wakes me up?
Midnight! It is the hour when one sleeps.
Who can come so late for me
To watch and sing away?

Sleep, my child, sleep! it is a dream.
In silence the night ends,
My forehead rests beside yours,
I kiss it and hear nothing.
No one gives a serenade
To you, my poor sick child!

O mother! they come down from heaven,
These sounds, these harmonious songs;
No man’s voice is so beautiful,
And it is an angel who calls me!
The sun shines, it dazzles me…
Farewell, my mother, good night!

The next day, when the dawn came,
The child had white skin and was still sleeping;
Her mother called her, crying,
No kiss awakens the child…
Her soul had flown away
When the songs had called her.

Sophie d’Arbouville née Sophie Lecat de Bazancourt (1810 – 1850) in Poésies et nouvelles (1840), Atramenta, 2011, is a French poetess, salonnière, novelist, writer. 

Source: An angel calls me – News from Ibonoco

Expectations – Scribbled Fancies

So to conclude , i would say when you expect , you brace yourselves for dissapointment. So now i think when you learn to accept instead of expecting, you will be less disaapointed and way too happy and contended.

As far as the question of healing is concerned you should start forgiving people and be kind in the same way as our lord forgives his servants ignoring all the sins and keeps his doors always open for repentance , and also when the sun comes to consciousness at dawn , it does not realize how dark and dreary the last night was , and just shines brighter than the previous day.

Source: Expectations – Scribbled Fancies

الإرهاب والتطرف الدينى

7_ Work to reduce the carrying of weapons among the people, and try to limit the use of weapons by security personnel and specialists.

8_ The state’s interest in youth and working to facilitate their employment and protect them from delinquency.

9_ Combating ignorance and backwardness, establishing the method of tolerance and keeping away from religious fanaticism by spreading public culture.

10_ Paying attention to the educational role of the family and school, and holding conferences and seminars aimed at rejecting intolerance, extremism

حلم الدرويش

الإرهاب عمل عنيف يقوم به شخص أو جماعة بغرض إرضاخ الفرد أو المجتمع لآرائه أو أفكاره من خلال القوة ومحاولة زرع الخوف والقلق فى الجميع .

أسباب الإرهاب :

_ شعور شخص أو جماعة بالظلم ومحاولة إسترجاع حقه بأستخدام القوة والعنف المفرط .

_ التأثر بالتفسيرات المتشددة للنص الدينى , والتى تحث على إستعادة الحق والوقوف ضد الباطل حتى لو كانت الوسائل عنيفة .

_ إستناد بعض الجماعات المتطرفة لبعض النصوص التى تبيح دماء وأعراض وأموال من هم على دين آخر أو مذهب فكرى مختلف .

_ قيام بعض الدول العظمى بزرع خلايا إرهابية فى دول أخرى لفرض سيطرتها ونفوذها على الدول الضعيفة .

_ بعض القوانين والنصوص الدستورية التى تضعها الحكومات بغرض إقصاء وأبادة جماعة أو طائفة فى المجتمع .

_ أنتشار روح التعصب الفكرى والدينى , ولجوء كل طائفة لأستعمال العنف لفرض أفكارها ومبادئها .

_ أنتشار التخلف والرجعية وزيادة البطالة بين الشباب,مما يدفعهم للوقوع فى الإحباط وإستخدام…

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Looking Forward Doesn’t Mean Forgetting The Past

we cannot put it behind us. Trump’s big lie and all that it has provoked are still with us. If we forget what has occurred, the trauma will return, perhaps in even more terrifying form.

Filosofa's Word

The attacks on Congress and the Capitol on January 6th of this year are destined to become a notable part of the ongoing history of this nation.  We rely on the media to help us find answers to the ‘why’ and ‘how’ questions, but instead the press, whose independence we cherish and protect, is turning a blind eye, has moved on without delving too deeply for answers.  The GOP prefers to simply ‘move on’ and the press is giving in to them, it seems.  Robert Reich’s piece in The Guardian yesterday speaks to this issue …

Republicans tried to overturn the election. We can’t just forget that

Robert Reich

Americans like to look forward but the effects of Trump’s lies about Covid and the 6 January insurrection are still with us

America prefers to look forward rather than back. We’re a land of second acts. We move on.


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