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“60th story”

Happy Mother’s Day

First published: Oct.11.2018


Two boys in a primary school lost their pencils.


When the first boy went home, he told his mother that he lost his pencil.


His mother shouted at him and said: “How many times do I have to buy supplies for my clumsy boy. wonder how you don’t lose yourself on your way home. I’m just tired of providing for somebody who is so thankless. Get it together, stay focused.”

The next day when the first boy went to school, he didn’t have a pencil so he decided to steal one from his classmates, without them noticing.


At first, he was scared but after a while, he felt more comfortable. He stole many different supplies from other kids. Life was better for him now, and his mother didn’t have to yell at him anymore.


When the second boy went home and…

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