What do you have to tell to your younger self?

(Good advice)

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At some points of our life, we all must’ve had that wish.. to go back in time and do something which you had missed to do when you were climbing up the years. We all must’ve had some regrets, or something that you wish to correct.

We believe that Gone is gone But can you deny the fact that Past do affect your future. Not the events. Not the memories. But Past perfects your Character I believe. It makes you realise your potential, your aspirations, and moulds you for the future. So that next time, you don’t get hit by the same stone.

So here is the question that I asked myself..

What do I have to say to my younger self?”

1. Don’t fall for chocolates. They lie.

Now, believe me when I tell you this. It’s pretty serious, okay?

Chocolates are something which I can not…

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One thought on “What do you have to tell to your younger self?”

  1. I would sure have a lot to tell my younger self – but I can’t repeat it here – I don’t curse that much in public!!

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