GOP lawmaker charged in Oregon Capitol protest has COVID –

Nearman said he agreed with the radio host’s contention that the public is required by law and the state Constitution to be allowed in the building during a legislative session.

In January, after Nearman’s role became clear from the security footage, House Speaker Tina Kotek called for his resignation and stripped him of his committee assignments. She repeated the call after the Marion County district attorney filed criminal charges against Nearman on April 30.

“Rep. Nearman put every person in the Capitol in serious danger and created fear among Capitol staff and legislators,” Kotek tweeted.

Source: GOP lawmaker charged in Oregon Capitol protest has COVID –

A nova vacina contra a dengue que pode ser aprovada no Brasil – Mágica Mistura✨ Dengue Fever Vaccine Breakthrough

In a study, this vaccine reduced hospitalizations by 90%. If approved, it could become the first to be used on a large scale against dengue.

Drugmaker Takeda has asked the National Health Surveillance Agency (ANVISA) to register a new vaccine against a  dengue. TAK-003 is made with a modified version of the live attenuated e  virus; protects against the four serotypes of the disease.

Source: A nova vacina contra a dengue que pode ser aprovada no Brasil – Mágica Mistura✨

Assista a Dim Dim ,o pinguim que volta todos os anos para visitar seu amigo no Brasil 💕”Jinjing The Penguin – Swims 5000 Miles Every Year To Visit The Man Who Saved Him” no YouTube – Mágica Mistura✨

Source: Assista a Dim Dim ,o pinguim que volta todos os anos para visitar seu amigo no Brasil 💕”Jinjing The Penguin – Swims 5000 Miles Every Year To Visit The Man Who Saved Him” no YouTube – Mágica Mistura✨

Republican Governors, Again, Turn Down Millions That Would Aid Their Own Constituents – Mother Jones

South Carolina will now pay for the privilege of punishing its people twice over. For the past decade, the state has deprived nearly 200,000 residents of health insurance by refusing to accept federal funds to expand Medicaid. Now, it will also turn down federal unemployment insurance as part of an effort to force people back to work.

On Thursday, Republican Gov. Henry McMaster announced that he’s rejecting hundreds in millions in aid for unemployed South Carolinians. It follows a decision by Gov. Greg Gianforte (R-Mont.) earlier this week to do the same. Officials in Wyoming and Georgia are reportedly considering rejecting the extra $300 of weekly unemployment insurance that’s available until September as well. The logic is iffy, at best.

Panic has set in on the right that boosted unemployment is preventing people—particularly restaurant workers—from rejoining the workforce. But there’s little solid evidence that is what’s driving people to stay at home. Many people remain fearful of being exposed to COVID-19, some can’t find jobs as good as the ones they lost, while others, particularly women, have to take care of children whose schools or daycares are not yet fully open.

Source: Republican Governors, Again, Turn Down Millions That Would Aid Their Own Constituents – Mother Jones

‘Deepfake geography’ could be the latest form of online disinformation | Euronews

The study noted that these deepfake images could be used as a form of disinformation, aiming to downplay or cover up events, for example, if a village has been destroyed, or natural disasters like wildfires or floods.

“A satellite image is just like any other image,” said Sam Gregory, programme director at Witness, a human rights video and technology network.

“You can create a satellite image that never existed … you could also manipulate an element within a satellite image.”

The idea of manipulating a map has been done throughout history, such as during wars when governments or authorities were trying to deceive their enemies.

But Gregory argues that manipulated maps hold the same dangers as other deepfake content.

“Authoritarian governments and governments will manipulate images and claim something happened when it didn’t,” he told The Cube, Euronews’ social media newsdesk.

Source: ‘Deepfake geography’ could be the latest form of online disinformation | Euronews

Nature of the time


A River Canyon is formed as a result of carving, over millions of years. A soft river cuts down the tough mountains. I am sure most of us would not like to sail against a deadly ocean wave or go against a tornado. What is the greatest force of nature? River, Wave, Tsunami, Tornado? Or something else? We explore the greatest force of nature in this article because we clearly don’t wanna go against it.

If we observe closely, it is not the river that cuts through the mountains, rather it is one million years that makes the difference. A tornado might kill 1000 people, but Time kills everyone. Time is a deadlier force of nature than river, wind, fire, or any other force. The most powerful force of nature is Time. We go against the time if we stop moving or be impatient with the flow of time.

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Pisa – meine 11 Tipps für eine bezaubernde Stadt

My tips for visiting Pisa: Tip 1) Lungarno – Riverwalk Tip 2) Santa Maria della Spina Tip 3) Porta Nova Tip 5) Jewish cemetery Tip 6) Piazza dei Miracoli Tip 7) Camposanto Monumentale Tip 8) Duomo Santa Maria Assunta Tip 9) Interior of the Duomo Tip 10) Baptistery Tip 11) Torre Pendente

Senioren um die Welt

Pisa ist eine der schönsten Städte der Toskana, aber das ist vielen Touristen nicht bekannt. Die meisten kommen, um den „Platz der Wunder“ und vor allem den Schiefen Turm zu sehen und danach direkt weiter nach Florenz oder in andere Städte und Gegenden der Toskana zu eilen. Pisa verdient jedoch mehr als die zwei oder drei Stunden, die meist der Stadt gewidmet werden. Der Torre Pendente ist nur eines von den vielen Schmuckstücken, die die Stadt zu bieten hat.

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Opinion | Why Did It Take So Long to Accept the Facts About Covid? – The New York Times

If the importance of aerosol transmission had been accepted early, we would have been told from the beginning that it was much safer outdoors, where these small particles disperse more easily, as long as you avoid close, prolonged contact with others. We would have tried to make sure indoor spaces were well ventilated, with air filtered as necessary. Instead of blanket rules on gatherings, we would have targeted conditions that can produce superspreading events: people in poorly ventilated indoor spaces, especially if engaged over time in activities that increase aerosol production, like shouting and singing. We would have started using masks more quickly, and we would have paid more attention to their fit, too. And we would have been less obsessed with cleaning surfaces.

Our mitigations would have been much more effective, sparing us a great deal of suffering and anxiety.

Since the pandemic is far from over, with countries like India facing devastating surges, we need to understand both why this took so long to come about and what it will mean…

Epidemiological studies and examples kept pouring in, too, all of them showing that Covid-19 was spreading primarily indoors and clusters were concentrated in poorly ventilated spaces. And when outdoor transmission did occur, it was often when people were in prolonged close contact, talking or yelling, as with construction workers on the same site.

The disease was also greatly overdispersed, sometimes being not very contagious and other times dramatically so. Large-scale studies showed that more than 70 percent of infected people did not transmit to any other person, while as few as 5 percent may be responsible for 80 percent of transmissions through superspreading events. Despite databases documenting thousands of indoor superspreader incidents, I’m not aware of a single confirmed outdoor-only case of superspreading.

Why did it take so long to understand all this?

The skepticism about airborne transmission is at odds with the acceptance of droplet transmission. Dr. Marr and Joseph Allen, the director of the Healthy Buildings program and an associate professor at Harvard’s T.H. Chan School of Public Health, told me that droplet transmission has never been directly demonstrated. Since Dr. Chapin, close-distance transmission has been seen as proof of droplets unless disproved through much effort, as was finally done for tuberculosis.

Another key problem is that, understandably, we find it harder to walk things back. It is easier to keep adding exceptions and justifications to a belief than to admit that a challenger has a better explanation.

In a contemporary example of this attitude, the initial public health report on the Mount Vernon choir case said that it may have been caused by people “sitting close to one another, sharing snacks and stacking chairs at the end of the practice,” even though almost 90 percent of the people there developed symptoms of Covid-19. Shelly Miller, an aerosol expert at the University of Colorado Boulder, was so struck by the incident that she initiated a study with a team of scientists, documenting that the space was less full than usual, allowing for increased distance, that nobody reported touching anyone else, that hand sanitizer was used and that only three people who had arrived early arranged the chairs. There was no spatial pattern to the transmission, implicating airflows, and there was nobody within nine feet in front of the first known case, who had mild symptoms.

Galileo is said to have murmured, “And yet it moves,” after he was forced to recant his theory that the earth moved around the sun. Scientists who studied bioaerosols could only say, “And yet it floats.”

So much of what we have done throughout the pandemic — the excessive hygiene theater and the failure to integrate ventilation and filters into our basic advice — has greatly hampered our response.

Law of Change

Shayan's Sphere

Look the world with wondrous shades
Of things so placid yet some strange,
Oh, nothing in Sphere just die and fade
But fuse and blend for a law of change.

Flowers do blush just each new day
And leave behind their earthly grace,
Oh, a road does end with new, new ways
For life to taste some unknown phase.

And fall does change in glorious spring
And clouds forever merge with rain,
Oh, a tune just fades for tens to sing
The songs of love, of joys and pain.

And moments of sorrow change in bliss
And tears do fly with winds of thrill,
Oh, violence follows the roads of peace
With songs that cure and words that heal.

And sorrows of parting, moments of sigh
With love does blend, with bliss exchange,
Oh, nothing in Sphere just fade and die
But fuse and blend for a law of change.

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Chocolate Covered Reasons.


Way back in 2014 I started this blog after deciding it was time to leave Facebook where I ran a similar site but with many more members. Sometimes what we start in one place doesn’t always translate well in another. I had to be prepared for that. When I started here I did so with the following explanation.

About The Buthidars

The Buthidars is a religion free Order where people of all ages, colours and creeds can come together as one all-inclusive group united towards seeing peace in the world.
You will hear ( from me ) about Hugs as I maintain you can’t hug with a weapon in your hands.
You will see the reason I think Hugs are important to us as people, ourselves and others.
You will I hope learn to understand why I ask people to leave religion at the door as they visit and if…

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