Purposeful Survival

Anonymously Hal

Sometimes I feel like life
is just some sick joke on all of us.

The purpose of humanity is to do one thing right?
We’re supposed to survive.
Yet here we are…
spending our entire fucking lives trying to do everything and anything
we can to make it to another day…
still knowing that we will eventually die.

But besides just surviving for however long we have…
I feel like everyone has a desire to leave some sort of mark
on this planet.
Maybe it’s children, relationships, ideas, music, art or just something miniscule
the next generation might have a use for or remember… anything at all.

And I don’t know about you,
but I have this deep desire to leave something behind
for this world after I’m gone…
to make my own mark.

I just worry that I won’t have enough time
to figure out what that mark is…

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