Quotes on Appreciating life

Exhortations With Shazzy

Waking up to see daylight this morning made me to realize how we sometimes take life for granted. At times we feel entitled to breath failing to remember that there are people who have not seen the sun rise today but we did. And it is by the grace of the Creator of the Universe that we woke up in good condition today. If you are unwell and under medication, do not worry, I’ve got your back too. Read through and be inspired.

I have added a category of different types of inspirational quotes by influential people. Influential does not mean well known, but impacting people positively. So do not be surprised when you read through and you find a quote from what you have once read or written. It’s not a mistake. I regard you as influential.
For today’s post I compiled quotes of showing appreciation to life. Hope…

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