Mother, 64, Beaten and Seized by Myanmar Junta Forces

Junta forces detained the mother of two activists after the security forces did not find the brothers at their home in Yangon’s North Okkalapa Township.

The security forces came for Ko Tin Htut Paing and his brother on Sunday and instead detained their 64-year-old mother, Daw Mi Nge, said Ko Tin Htut Paing’s sister.

“There were large numbers of troops. They asked my mother to give them her phone. She refused. After they found it they beat her,” said Daw Mi Nge’s daughter.

“They stopped the beating only when a neighbor, who helps with household chores, said they were beating a woman who might be the same age as their mothers. They also took away belongings in two sacks,” said the daughter, quoting the neighbor, who witnessed the beating.

The military regime has been providing food through ward administrators in some parts of Yangon, including Hlaing Tharyar and North Okkalapa, where it has killed dozens of peaceful anti-regime protesters.

Daw Mi Nge reportedly refused an offer of free food from the military-appointed ward administrator.

She lives with her 85-year-old mother and 65-year-old sister. The two are left in panic after Daw Mi Nge was detained.

Source: Mother, 64, Beaten and Seized by Myanmar Junta Forces

4 thoughts on “Mother, 64, Beaten and Seized by Myanmar Junta Forces”

    1. Agreed – prolonged civil war looks likely – the military misjudged the majority of people’s desire for freedom.

  1. Eine grausame Tat, leider gibt es davon noch viele. Man kann nur hoffen, dass der Wunsch der Menschen nach Freiheit stärker ist als die Junta.

    1. Indeed a horrible act. I hope that more and more say no – enough so that the current military leaders are deposed and the civilian government reinstated.

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