May is the Month of My Favourite Job


Hello MMers,

I hope everyone is doing awesome. I love the month of May because it’s the month where I and many others celebrate the joy of motherhood. And trust me, it’s a lifelong job. It is a difficult job. It is a job that doesn’t come with a degree, but yet everyone, including your own mother, will have a set of expectations (sometimes very different) from you. So many different parenting styles, yet nobody can genuinely say they have master parenting. Why? Because each child is unique. So there will never be a one size fit all for everyone.

So for this May, I’ll open with Different Types of Mothers. Please bear with me if you are not a mother (maybe, yet or never); I promise this will be an interesting one.

Different Types of Mothers

Working Mothers

You are fearless at work while you appear to be tireless…

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