Soni's thoughts

My Zeentangle art of butterfly and flower😃💖

World is drawn by its glow
God’s artistic creation
A bedazzling charm
Colorful treat to eyes
Peace and freedom

Hello my amazing friends, well first of all let me thank you all so so much for giving me amazing suggestions to write my next posts… I accept all and started my post with beautiful advise given by my one of best blogger friend Jeff 💖💖💖💖 thank you so much jeff for giving me such great suggestion to write TANKA along with my Art piece😃💖💖💖 so do let me know how you felt on my Write up and art… My next posts will be other advises given by you all guys, either will write inspirational post or adventure trip and so on…stay tuned for my next piece😃😃💖💖 stay safe…

💖💖Loads of Love from Soni💖💖

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