Recipe : Moghlai style Chana Masala


If you’ve been following my recipes, by now you must know I cook in accordance with my pantry stock. Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. I respect food a lot and I meticulously make menu plans and an inventory for perishables that is updated the instant I exhaust something. So, all I have left now is some curd, 2 tomatoes. Among the things that have a better shelf life are a few onions, potatoes, garlic and some eggs. I don’t even have basic ingredients like green chilies, ginger, corriander etc. I have a lot of dehydrated lentils and pulses at hand always. So I came up with this dish that turned out so yum. It’s not the Chhole or chana masala that you’re accustomed to. I will put down the difference in my notes at the end. But, it was so delicious.


  • 150gms Dehydrated chic peas/Kabuli Chana/Garbanzo beans

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