Recipe: Beetroot and Potato sabzi


There was a sale on beets and I decided to buy them. Usually, I just make salads, beet pulao, beet Sichuan fried rice, beet soup or use it to add natural colour and sweetness to my north Indian gravies. But, 500gms of beet is a bit much for any of these. So, I decided to experiment. I’ve been doing a lot of that off late. And to be honest, I’ve been pleasantly surprised most of the times. I tried to balance the sweetness of the beets with tartness from tomatoes and vinegar and a nice punch of heat from the chilies and garlic. I made a semi dry sabzi that would marry well with any Indian flatbread. It tasted so delicious. I definitely see how it can appear to be unappetizing. The deep wine shade had that effect on me too. But, if you can get past the pink hues…

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