PM Holness, NEPA, KSAMC, NWA – Is Anyone Listening? Communities’ calls for Green, People-Friendly Urban Planning Go Unanswered

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I wrote recently about the “uglification” of Kingston. While downtown Kingston is (thankfully) getting some of the attention it deserves, further uptown it’s a developer’s paradise, a free for all.

This article from the Golden Triangle Neighbourhood Association – which represents everyone who lives, works, or does business in the area – points out that letters and representations of various kinds to the relevant Government authorities, including the Prime Minister himself, regarding a range of concerns have been met with…stony silence.

The multiple concerns of the GTNA are complex and serious. The GTNA’s vision, which it is doggedly pursuing, is to create a liveable community for everyone to live, work, and play in. Green space! Public parks! Trees! Wider sidewalks! Space for other road users, besides motor vehicles! Meanwhile, the powers that be are silent and unresponsive.

By the way, the GTNA is also waiting for a positive response…

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