Amedeo Modigliani, um vanguardista italiano


Amedeo Clemente Modigliani nasceu no ano de 1884 na região da Itália. O artista italiano fez parte dos movimentos das vanguardas artísticas europeias, no entanto Modigliani não fez parte de uma corrente artística específica tendo formulado um estilo artístico próprio. Modigliani era judeu e parte de uma família burguesa e se mudou para Paris na França onde trabalhou como artista se tornado um dos pintores mais conhecidos nessa época.

O artista possuía uma saúde muito frágil diz a história que ele decidiu ser artista após ter um delírio febril porque estava com febre tifoide, porém Modigliani já havia demonstrado seu interesse para a pintura antes desse episódio. Por ter nascido e vivido na Itália, o artista teve bastante contato com as obras de arte dos antigos mestres italianos. Modigliani estudou técnicas artísticas com o artista Guglielmo Micheli. Uma das pinturas feitas por Micheli se chama Um par de bois brancos

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Recipe : Moghlai style Chana Masala

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

If you’ve been following my recipes, by now you must know I cook in accordance with my pantry stock. Nothing goes to waste in my kitchen. I respect food a lot and I meticulously make menu plans and an inventory for perishables that is updated the instant I exhaust something. So, all I have left now is some curd, 2 tomatoes. Among the things that have a better shelf life are a few onions, potatoes, garlic and some eggs. I don’t even have basic ingredients like green chilies, ginger, corriander etc. I have a lot of dehydrated lentils and pulses at hand always. So I came up with this dish that turned out so yum. It’s not the Chhole or chana masala that you’re accustomed to. I will put down the difference in my notes at the end. But, it was so delicious.


  • 150gms Dehydrated chic peas/Kabuli Chana/Garbanzo beans

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Assista a “Conheça o trabalho dos índios da etnia Wai Wai, mestres no manejo de Castanha-do-Brasil” no YouTube – Mágica Mistura✨

Indians of the Wai Wai ethnic group, who live in Roraima, are masters in the management of Brazil nuts, also known as Brazil nuts. To obtain the fruits of the large tree native to the Amazon, they make temporary dwellings in the forest and transport the heavy bags in canoes along rivers filled with rapids. All of this, maintaining the preservation of the forest. Source: Assista a “Conheça o trabalho dos índios da etnia Wai Wai, mestres no manejo de Castanha-do-Brasil” no YouTube – Mágica Mistura✨

No immunity? COVID-19 reinfection ‘common’ in healthy young adults, study shows – Study Finds

“Our findings indicate that reinfection by SARS-CoV-2 in healthy young adults is common,” says senior author, Dr. Stuart Sealfon, in a statement. “Young people should get the vaccine whenever possible, since vaccination is necessary to boost immune responses, prevent reinfection, and reduce transmission.”

The study, which is part of the COVID-19 Health Action Response for Marines (CHARM), measured reinfection in more than 3,000 young, healthy U.S. Marines recruits over the course of six weeks. Study participants were predominantly male (92%) between the ages 18 and 20.

Source: No immunity? COVID-19 reinfection ‘common’ in healthy young adults, study shows – Study Finds

PM Holness, NEPA, KSAMC, NWA – Is Anyone Listening? Communities’ calls for Green, People-Friendly Urban Planning Go Unanswered

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I wrote recently about the “uglification” of Kingston. While downtown Kingston is (thankfully) getting some of the attention it deserves, further uptown it’s a developer’s paradise, a free for all.

This article from the Golden Triangle Neighbourhood Association – which represents everyone who lives, works, or does business in the area – points out that letters and representations of various kinds to the relevant Government authorities, including the Prime Minister himself, regarding a range of concerns have been met with…stony silence.

The multiple concerns of the GTNA are complex and serious. The GTNA’s vision, which it is doggedly pursuing, is to create a liveable community for everyone to live, work, and play in. Green space! Public parks! Trees! Wider sidewalks! Space for other road users, besides motor vehicles! Meanwhile, the powers that be are silent and unresponsive.

By the way, the GTNA is also waiting for a positive response…

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Shah Rukh’s little secret… psst…

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So, I have been involved with the culinary arts, since a dozen year ago when I did start. By that I mean, I held a knife in my hand. And close to a flame, I did stand. So, it's been twelve years I've been chopping onions. And sure, there are kitchen hacks in the million. And I know I've tried them all. But, this vegetable is my downfall. This is one thing I absolutely dislike. Chopping onions like I'm on a depressant spike. With tears rolling down. My nose as red as a clown's. Yeah, I do the drill and that makes chopping relatively better. But, they like to latch on to my eyes, damn you sulphur! I despise this task assigned to me in front of anybody. Because it just makes me look like an amateur rookie. They say Shah Rukh Khan can cry on demand for a scene…

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Recipe: Beetroot and Potato sabzi

Inhale Peace; Exhale Love. Joy will Follow! - RUELHA

There was a sale on beets and I decided to buy them. Usually, I just make salads, beet pulao, beet Sichuan fried rice, beet soup or use it to add natural colour and sweetness to my north Indian gravies. But, 500gms of beet is a bit much for any of these. So, I decided to experiment. I’ve been doing a lot of that off late. And to be honest, I’ve been pleasantly surprised most of the times. I tried to balance the sweetness of the beets with tartness from tomatoes and vinegar and a nice punch of heat from the chilies and garlic. I made a semi dry sabzi that would marry well with any Indian flatbread. It tasted so delicious. I definitely see how it can appear to be unappetizing. The deep wine shade had that effect on me too. But, if you can get past the pink hues…

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الديموقراطية فى مجتمع جاهل

Democracy is not just a ballot box, but rather an environment that allows good education, freedom and a decent life for all members of the people, while ensuring that there is no persecution and discrimination under any circumstances and reasons that may lead to that. The free individual is the

حلم الدرويش

الديموقراطية هى مصطلح ظهر فى اليونان القديمة بمعنى حكم الشعب وسلطة الشعب من خلال حكم نفسه بنفسه حيث يصبح الشعب مصدر السلطات فى الدولة من إختيار الحكومة ونظام الحكم السائد فى الدولة والقوانين التى يخضع لها الجميع , وظهرت الديموقراطية فى المجتمع اليونانى نتيجة إنقسام المجتمع لطوائف متعددة تختلف فى الحقوق والواجبات مثل طبقات (العبيد والأحرار والسياسيين والتجار والجنود وقادة الجيش والمزارعين ) , ومن هنا كانت الحاجة للديموقراطية لإعطاء الجميع الحق فى إدارة شئون البلاد وممارسة كافة الحقوق السياسية .

أنواع الديموقراطية :

_ ديموقراطية مباشرة : يقوم الشعب فيها بالتصويت على قرارات الحكومة والقوانين بشكل مباشر دون وسيط أو نائب عنه وهو النظام المعمول به فى أثينا القديمة ويتم تطبيقه حاليا فى دولة سويسرا .

_ ديموقراطية نيابية : يقوم الشعب فيها باختيار أعضاء يمثلوه فى الحكومة أو فى المجالس النيابية المختلفة , ويقوم هؤلاء النواب بدورهم بإصدار قرارات إدارة الدولة والقوانين المعمول بها وهو النظام السارى فى…

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