Dread No More

Shayan's Sphere

Dread no more the darkling sky,
Nay, the thousand vicious blows;
For the gloom is brief and so shall die
Like weird feeling that daily goes.

And again shall shine the golden sun,
And soon shall flow the tender breeze;
And play the kids, do leap and run
In the fair meadows with charming trees.

And again shall rush in human breast
The endless streams of tranquil words,
And soon shall sing the beaming chests
With the sweet rhythms of warbling birds.

So lose not hope in the stygian cage
But recall rather by wiping tears,
Those heroic stories of bygone age
Heard and praised in the yesteryears.

And recall rather, do wake and take
Those sterling features of thy own race;
Recall how they for others’ sake
Had fought and died with a smile on face.

And recall how they had faced such days
With aches in heart and…

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