Walk into May

Politically Poetic

Birds chirping, dancing, 
Nesting on the trees.
Flowers in the garden 
Blossoms and fresh breeze. 

Hepatica everywhere, violet, white and blue
Waves gracious goodbye,
Awakens Elfin thyme to come through.

Unbroken, untouched, inviolate. 
Hiding among faded leaves, 
Covered the forest floor wild sweet Violet,
Proudly stands without greaves. 

Heart-shaped leaves of wild Ginger
Shaded away under trees. 
Hide from the sun, fear of danger
Whisper to the wind “Weee-weee.”

Stubborn Dandelions
Blow kisses to bees,
Attract them with sweet nectar,
Make some of us sneeze.

An elegant, naïve Dicentra, 
Silently weeping next to a tree.
With a bleeding heart, she is no longer central
Cause prickled Rose is the trustee.

Butterflies flutter around
Greeting each flower. 
Their love so profound
Wings of hope and mighty power.	

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